Watlow DIN A Mite Power Controls

Watow DIN A Mite Family


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  • DIN-A-MITEĀ® Family of Power Controllers Offers Exceptional Performance in a Compact Package

    The DIN-A-MITE family is the ideal solid state replacement for mercury displacement relays (MDRs) in an easy-to-install, compact, touch-safe package. The solid state power controllers provides SCR control, heatsink, wiring and touch-safe exterior in one package. By designing the DIN-A-MITE as a total power controller unit, the need to prep wires for terminals, locate the right heatsink and determine adequate terminations is eliminated. It’s a complete package you can install easily with CONTROL CONFIDENCEĀ®.

    Four DIN-A-MITE styles meet most power controller needs with ratings from 18 to 100 amps with voltages from 24 to 600V~(ac). The four models match load requirements with 1-phase, 3-phase/2-leg and 3-phase/3-leg switching. The controllers also provide a convenient DIN-rail and sub-panel mount package.

    DIN A Mite A

    DIN A Mite B

    DIN A Mite C

    DIN A Mite D

    DIN-rail or sub-panel mount Versatile, quick and low cost installation
    Compact size Reduces panel space; less cost
    Touch safe exterior Safe; protects against inadvertent electric shock
    Same footprint as comparably rated mercury displacement relays (MDRs) Easy replacement with environmentally safe product; no mercury problems
    Variable time base control meets the rapid switching demands of PID temperature control Helps deliver more accurate process control; increases heater life by reducing over- and undershoot
    Rugged back-to-back SCR design Insures long term reliability

  • Din A Mite C Spec

    Din A Mite D Spec

    Din A Mite B Spec

    Din A Mite A Spec